How to make a potting rack

How to make a potting rack

It's about creating a potting rack. The proposal is to decorate the kitchen with it and keep aromatic plants at hand, safely.

Source: Bosch DIY.

Advertising - Read on under the shelf for aromatics in the kitchen

This will be the shelf for your aromatic plants.

Detail of the pots on the shelf

Detail of the pots in each of the holes in the shelf.

Before the bookshelf

Before, aromatics looked like this ...

Mark the holes in the wood

Cut a wooden ribbon as you need. You can buy it already cut to size in the same broccoli shop.

Mark the holes for the pots with a compass, with the diameter you have the ones you are going to use and at the height to which they will hang (keep it in mind so that they do not "strain").

Fix the steel cable to hang the shelf

Make a hole in each corner to place the steel cable (do it with a brush a little thicker than the diameter of the cable) and finish the cable.

Make holes in the wood

Make the holes in the pots. To do this, with a drill make a hole with a thick drill, where you can insert the saw blade to make the hole. You can also use a drill with a measurement crown, if it matches the diameter of the pot.

Sand the edges of the holes

Sand the edges of the holes to remove splinters. It is ready to hang.