A 58 m² loft divided into two heights

A 58 m² loft divided into two heights

This space belongs to the MOMA Loft promotion, of the Promart real estate group, located in Móstoles, Madrid. More information on tel .: 902 108 069.

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The two floors communicate by means of a snail design, which stands out for its refined style. This option was chosen because its box, that is, the space it occupies, is minimal, and does not excessively limit the distribution of furniture or hinder the circulation. The ajar steps favor the passage of natural light. On the lower floor the living room, kitchen and bathroom share space and on the upper floor, a bedroom was located.

Seating area

Located next to the large window of access to the terrace, from which it receives abundant natural light, it is chaired by a spectacular circular carpet in orange tones that visually delimits the space, provides warmth and revives the decoration, marked by gray upholstery. Three rectilinear designs, of current style - sofa, armchair with footrest and coffee table - make up a set that is completed with an auxiliary table and two lamps. The interior design is from La Oca, where all the furniture and lighting come from. Carpet Andrea Rund, from Ikea, in 2.30 m in diameter. Cushions and accessories, from Moss and Ikea. On the sofa, picture, by Brocar.

Maxi bookcase

Choosing a grid design or with a symmetric distribution is a success because it reinforces the sense of order. This model also incorporates two sliding doors that provide functionality to the furniture, since they can hide and protect the glassware, for example. Pombal model shelf, from La Oca, with black glass panels.

More fluid circulation

The distribution of furniture in the living area guarantees total freedom of movement. The step to the window does not encounter obstacles. The photo, taken from the bedroom, shows a floor with wenge finish, which qualifies the natural luminosity and gains visual interest with the chromatic contrast provided by the carpet.

Boost white

Painting the dining room wall in gray emphasizes, by contrast, the whiteness and luminosity of the other fronts. It is a great resource to visually separate this environment and to further highlight the chairs, finished in white. Dining room, vases and carpet, from La Oca. Art print with the photograph El beso, by Robert Doisneau, for sale in Brocar. In the background, console, of La Oca.

Visual interest

The decoration revolves around white, although the use of other colors is essential. In the dining room chairs this finish is accentuated by contrast with the black glass table, the gray wall and the carpet in a bright orange.

Open kitchen when being

Its design, when sharing space with the room, should be impeccable; It combines bright orange laminate doors, steel appliances and a gray countertop. The spiral staircase acts as an element that marks the separation between the kitchen and the two main environments. Kitchen furnished with the Neon model, from Forlady, with high pressure laminate fronts in orange, with a gloss finish and edged in aluminum. Countertop and wall, from the Tropical Forest series, by Silestone. Cart Battista, from Kartell. Household, from Moss and Ikea.

Corner taken advantage of

Even in mini spaces you can create a place to relax. Having a reading corner in the living room, where you can also rest or listen to music is a desire shared by the majority. In this loft, it was located next to the stairs and its sophisticated air was achieved with the standing mirror and the leather chaise-longue. Furniture and accessories, by La Oca. Cushion, with moss.

Think height

When the ceiling is very high, the possibilities increase. Inside, the current decoration and nothing ornate helps. A chromatic continuity based on gray, black or white is imposed to easily recreate industrial aesthetics. Long hair carpets and touches of color in key places will reduce the coldness of materials such as chrome steel, aluminum and glass.

Control the light

In large windows, screen-type roller blinds are imposed that allow to see the exterior and the entrance of light, but avoid glare. Better yet if they are motorized, with remote control or push button.

Low furniture

A bed of refined lines and oriental inspiration focuses attention on this environment with immaculate walls. The bedding with quilted fabrics gives a more romantic look to the room, which also reduces coldness. In the photo, one of the sliding doors of the closet, lacquered in white, which integrates perfectly into the decoration. Bed with headboard and bedside tables and lamps, La Oca. Gray cushions and patterned buti, Texture. Orange cushion, from Ikea. In the closet and on the bed, clothes, of Moss.

Solutions for a few meters

The mirror doubles the bathroom space. The tiling with horizontal lines is prolonged when reflected in it and the feeling of amplitude is greater. In addition, the door that connects the sink area with another where shower and toilet were installed does not reduce the useful surface since, open, it is introduced into the partition. Porcelain stoneware, sink and taps, Porcelanosa.

The distribution: 58 m²

Its elongated structure allowed to locate on the lower floor the common areas - living room, kitchen and a bathroom - and on the upper floor, the bedroom.