How to separate environments in open spaces

How to separate environments in open spaces

The open spaces where dining room, living room and kitchen live in the same environment, They are a success. However, it is possible that seeing it all together within the same structure may cause a feeling of burden. Separating different environments in the same space does not have to spoil the initial objective of a diaphanous apartment. Solutions such as screens, decorative panels or furniture distribution will make you see the space with other eyes.

For example, you can go to beautiful die-cut decorative panels to separate the dining area from the relaxation of the lounge or a nice Japanese screen to isolate the kitchen area from the rest area.

A simple Island of cooking acting as an American bar will make you enjoy an open space with clearly differentiated environments and with a very appealing New York touch.

Refering to distribution, you can use the back of the sofa as the main barrier to separate the relaxation area of ​​the living room from a small dining area consisting of a small table and chairs where to eat and meet with family or friends.

At the same time, you can go to the separation through contrasts through materials and textures, without having to put barriers in between. For example, painting in different colors each zone, going to the finishing paint chalky in the kitchen, wood in the living room or patterned paper to delimit the dining area.

The modular shelving They are another solution to do this task. With them you will keep everything tidy and at hand and you will be able to separate the areas without having to lift partitions in your diaphanous apartment.

As you can see, the solutions exist and adapt to each space in an exceptional way. Study the possibilities, the light you have and the square meters and play with the space at your leisure!