A family and eclectic apartment

A family and eclectic apartment

The success of this project was such that it resulted in a new housing concept, riding between style trendy of a city like Barcelona and the weight of the traditional elements that treasure floors with a hearth. So much so that the person responsible for the reform, the architect Kika Estarellas, of Bonba Studio, He opted for the transformation of a house with numerous micro rooms in larger and more united spaces. The result: brighter environments that still retain their Beautiful original structure.

Are all architectural solutions that stand out for their ingenuity and originality; An example of this is the creation of a single common area, which houses a very different living area, directly connected to the kitchen and dining room. A valuable solution that bets on the conception of the three spaces as one by using the coverings: an exclusive flooring -restored old hydraulic tiles-, as well as identical paint on the walls. The fusion of vintage pieces with works of art and certain recycled furniture, some designed by Bonba Studio, and others of the purest design, generates an atmosphere of unique character and great personality.

The two bedrooms resulting after the works are very spacious and with their own bathroom; the one of the children adjoining the corridor and the master suite. It is in this last space that we find again brilliant ideas that solve the complicated distribution, such as the opaque blind that makes the bathroom independent and allows the passage of natural light and total intimacy.

Advertising - Read on below A well decorated room

The living area is surprising for its curious mixture of pieces: recycled, old, traditional, exotic, vintage ... A decorative crossbreed with a great result.

Table made with an old radiator with wheels and glass top, by Bonba Studio. Focus and mirror, Mercantic. Sofa, from the Joquer firm.

The living area

The beautiful floors of hydraulic tile wanted to be kept exposed and heated in winter with large carpets brought from some trips. As an essential complement to the room, an original bookstore that keeps order at bay was custom made.

Metal shelving finished in black and designed by Bonba Studio.

A personal decoration

It is the small ornaments that make the difference in each environment and put that valuable seal in our homes. Vases, a figure or a photo are the decorative keys.

Ceramic house of the artist Esperanza Castillo.

Reclaimed furniture

Preserve without doubt that armchair of years so comfortable and that you like so much; If you bet on an eclectic style and well studied for the area to be sure that you will find the ideal place to integrate it.

Long live recycling!

The originality of some pieces makes them the decorative axis of space, as with this coffee table made with an old radiator, wheels and glass. It is unique.

Dining room in the kitchen

Since the kitchen had more space than the living area, it was decided to locate the main dining room inside it. A success that lightens the room and enriches this area.

Glass and wood table, by Habitat. Adjustable wall lamp, by designer Jean Prouvé for Vitra.

A kitchen open to the living room

The kitchen and living room communicate by means of a large opening without a door and, in addition, the choice of furniture and decorative pieces in tune act as a common thread between the two environments. The kitchen also has a hidden laundry area.

White chairs Panton, of Vitra, and black, model Hee Dining, of Hay.

Avant-garde deco

To include a detail or even an abstract work of art it is not necessary to live in a house of radical design; nothing is further from reality, bet on the mix and you will enrich the environment.

The children's bedroom

In the children's room, it was a good idea to opt for a beautiful bunk bed, instead of two twin beds, since this way there is much more space to locate study tables and even
A free zone in the center to play.

Bunk, from Habitat. Bedding and pillows, from Filocolore. Study chairs, by Mercantic.

A vintage touch in the nursery

The well-integrated retro air pieces set a trend for another season. Why not include any in the children's room? A desk or a chair from those before will put a lovely note.

Color in the children's room

Forget the coordinated ones in the children's room; If they are already older, they will prefer colors away from pastel tones and cushions of fun and varied prints.

The main room

The original structure of the bedroom welcomes such unique details as the treated photographs that decorate the area
of the headboard or the hanging lamps that illuminate the bedside tables. A spectacular contrast.

Treated photographs, lamps and bedside tables made of oak, designed by Bonba Studio.

Accessories that decorate

Details are very important as a final complement to a space. In this bedroom, for example, a recycled closet door, painted and converted into a mirror, puts a very special and personal touch at the foot of the bed.

Windows that enhance the light

The beautiful windows of glass and painted wood quarters were preserved although improved, with acid crystals at the bottom that guarantee the privacy of the bathroom. Even so, several white blinds were installed that, in addition to blurring the light, update the space.

An integrated bathroom

The old terrace of the house is integrated into the bedroom after the reform. This new space is ideal for locating a complete bathroom with a large opening instead of a door - equipped with an opaque blind - that allows the passage of light.

Lacquered desk, by Ikea. Chair Hee Dining, de Hay, for sale in La Oca. Flexo red, by Habitat.

House plan and reform ideas

Relocate spaces

- After the reform, the main bedroom was located where the living room used to be in order to gain meters; This allowed to include a bathroom and a dressing room.
- On the closed terrace the bathroom was placed; highlights the large glass gallery with the original carpentry of the time. The opening that once housed a large sliding door today remains open to allow the passage of light to the rest area although, to make it independent at certain times, a practical translucent white blind that covers the opening was installed.
- The wide available space It also enabled the integration of a generous dressing area into the bedroom. A luxury room!