The Blender: Your best cooking skewer for smoothies, smoothies, creams and sauces

The Blender: Your best cooking skewer for smoothies, smoothies, creams and sauces

If you use your glass blender, you can prepare not only smoothies and smoothies, but also sauces, purees, creams, desserts and even cocktails and soft drinks.

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Study what each device offers, its advantages and disadvantages and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hand blenders They consist of a motor and a whisk that, in some models, it is possible to exchange with a chopper or assembler to perform other functions besides beating. They are comfortable to use, can be put in the container in which you are cooking and easily cleaned. In contrast, their mixtures are not always very thin.

American or glass. They combine a lower part, with the controls and the motor, with a plastic or glass mixing vessel, like this one, from Oster. They have greater capacity than hand and crush harder ingredients.

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They get smooth textures, without lumps. Its main drawback comes when cleaning them, because you have to face their sharp blades.

Get the most out of it

With the rise of smoothies and healthy cooking, the blender has become a must in the kitchen. And it is that with this small appliance it is possible to prepare all kinds of recipes.

Creams and purees. Use seasonal vegetables to obtain maximum flavor, in addition to a softer texture and easy to crush. If you peel them before cooking, the result will be much softer. Once mixed adjust the thickness by adding light cream, milk or water.

Sauces Crush at low speed with short intervals until the desired density point is achieved; It is not the same, preparing a mayonnaise than a chimichurri.

Cocktails For mojitos and margaritas, crush the ingredients with ice at medium speed. If you prefer soft drinks, beat the fruit with water and a little sugar at full power.

Easy and healthy! Philips

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Prepare nutritious and light smoothies with the mixer Viva Colection, from Philips.

Previous steps

When you have all the ingredients prepared inside the jar, always add some liquid to them. Thus all the gear will move more easily and you will prevent the device from suffering. Of course, before you start beating, don't forget to put the lid on.

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How to use the mixer

If your blender has the option to add food when it is running, do it in small quantities and, if possible, chop them before.

Put the soft ingredients in the glass before the hard ones. Once beaten, add liquid little by little and crush at low speed.


How to clean the blender

To remove dirt quickly, pour two glasses of water into the jar, a splash of dishwashing soap and cover it. Put it to work for a few seconds; Then you just have to rinse and dry it. To remove intense odors, add a good stream of vinegar.

Has it all

With an advanced technology that mixes food at high speed, cooking function and eight programs, the new glass blender Ultrablend cook, from Moulinex, it will make it very easy for you to prepare delicious hot and cold recipes.

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It also mints ice to make slushies and cocktails.


When it comes to chopping ice or frozen fruit, add some water. There are also foods that should not be crushed in the blender. Among them, very hot food, because the steam that is generated can make the lid go off.

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I take it!

Enjoy rich and nutritious smoothies wherever you are with a handy portable mixer.

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They are lightweight, comfortable and work with a USB rechargeable battery.

Beat, chop and mix

The more accessories the blender includes, the more versatile and functional it will be.

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Spare parts for the blender

Choose signatures that give you the possibility of acquiring separate parts, such as glasses or blades.

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NutriBullet extractor blade, on

Glass basket

A basket with compartments will help you carry the glasses more safely, € 9.99 at home.

Avoid splashes

With a bowl like this, from Ikea, whose lid has an opening to put the hand mixer.

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Collect the remaining dough that are glued to the walls of the blender glass with a silicone spatula.

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These are from Excelsa.

Easy recipes

Fruits and vegetables admit endless combinations. Do not run out of ideas and get the book Smoothies: the antioxidant solution.

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