Tips and ideas for storing outdoor furniture

Tips and ideas for storing outdoor furniture

The end of summer arrives and it is time to collect all the garden furniture and the terrace. We help you keep them so they stay perfect next year.

Keep the outdoor furniture well ... and they will last longer!

In autumn it is time to store the outdoor furniture to keep it for next spring.

The furniture of raffia or wood they are sensitive to moisture, rain and sun; Protect them with a polyester tarp and store in a dry and closed place. The synthetic They are more resistant, so there is no need for stores in a closed place. Put some weight on them, since they are very light, and cover with a polythene sheath. It also covers with this material those of steel or resin, to avoid rust stains.

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Barbecues in good condition

Booth, from Bauhaus.

Before storing the barbecue, clean it thoroughly without using abrasive products or solvents. It covers with a protective case, leaving a space between them, so that you have adequate ventilation and, thus, avoid water condensation. If it is mobile, you can place it in a closed, but well ventilated place, like this one stand.


Use the minimum space

If you have to leave the garden furniture or the terrace outside, look for a corner where they do not bother.

Chairs, from El Corte Inglés.

Protect with large plastics and duct tape. Insulate soil storage, use pallets to avoid moisture. Pack the items separately and wrap the whole set by the base and the top.

Lowering the curtain ... or the awnings

The awnings They are exposed to inclement weather, so you should brush and clean them well.

Ambience, from Bauhaus.

Make sure they are dry before covering them as moisture can spoil them. Grease moving metal parts, hinges and gears with oil.

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Decorative storage

Lamps, parasols, candles ... are the most susceptible to breakage or deterioration if we leave them outdoors. Store them in a dry and closed place, you can wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper to protect them.

Trunks of La Redoute Interieurs.

The textiles, Like the cushions, they should be washed and allowed to dry well. Do not wrap them in plastic, as this does not allow the fabric to breathe and can cause fungus and mold.
This trunk is perfect.

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