How to install sliding doors

How to install sliding doors


- Mechanism for exempt sliding door (this is from Ortiz Hardware Store).
- Handles (these are from Ortiz Hardware Store).
- Custom made doors (in glassware).
- Plugs and screws.
- Level and drilling machine.
- Plate and screwdriver.
(The rest of the materials are from Leroy Merlin).

1. Buy the rail tailored to the wall where you are going to place it. This measure will be double the hole to be covered, since when opening the leaves they need this space. Our hole is 90 cm wide, with each door measuring 50 cm. Those 5 cm more are necessary so that, when the doors are closed, they hide the holes in the sides.

2. Screw the rail to the wall with the help of the level, so that it is straight. Use tacos suitable for the type of wall (brick, plasterboard ...). Hang the doors to the rail and wheel mechanism, and fix the handles that, previously, will have pierced you in the glassware.

3. Place a metal plate or profile on the floor to prevent reciprocating.