The fashion of the 'Millennial' rose

The fashion of the 'Millennial' rose

Unless you have been living underground, you have probably heard of powdered pink, the most popular color of the moment. It is the number one color for weddings, was chosen color of the year by Pantone in 2015, and we have seen it again in bathrooms and furniture. The color pink is not new in terms of home decoration, but this version of the color has recently acquired a new life, and even a new name, thanks to the "millennials".

This shade of light pink, also known as rose quartz or powder pink, is now known as "millennial pink", for its popularity among that generation, according to New York magazine. If something pink appears, be it a piece of furniture, some home accessories, clothes or even beauty products, young people want one.

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"We have upholstered pieces in emerald green, which remain unsold for months," says Fabiana Faria, from the Coming Soon boutique to New York magazine. "The moment we get something in pink ... whatever ... it sells instantly." This peach-pink hybrid color is fun without being too flashy, it is subtle without being boring, and combined with almost everything, it is not surprising that young people love it.

And the color is more than just a pretty shade, it is beneficial too. The pink tone has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, according to a study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry. Surround yourself with soft roses, and you will feel calmer and happier!

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"He is cheeky, sincere and nostalgic at once," Lauren Schwartzberg wrote for New York magazine. There is no doubt that pink is one of the best and most versatile colors of all time, and it will not disappear in the short term, for sure.

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