Chihuahuas, that adorable breed of dogs

Chihuahuas, that adorable breed of dogs


May your size not fool you. Although they look like small vulnerable beings with pointed ears, nothing is further from reality! Chihuahuas are one of the bravest races that exist, and because they are not aware of their stature, they are not afraid to face any rival, be it human or dog. Come on they will defend you to infinity and beyond. Do you want to know more about these cute animals?

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Having a chihuahua is like having a loving baby that will want to be with you all the time, but be careful, because treat him like a child all he will do is turn him into a capricious and spoiled animal. Never forget that it is a dog, not a human!

2 sleepers Spain

I didn't miss you they spend half a day sleeping, especially when they are puppies. Of course, as soon as they wake up ... the whirlwind arrives! Being so tiny, they have a lot of energy to release and they will want to play all the time. One tip: if you appreciate your shoes, you better hide them.

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3 To bite Spain

As we said, slippers are one of his favorite snacks, that's why it is necessary that they have at their disposal a lot of toys to bite. Anyway, when they are little and their teeth are being born, they can't help biting you to the hand (with love, of course).

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4 Let's go for a walk Spain

One of the advantages of having a dog toy, is that you can take it with you anywhere (and he delighted). But since they are very sensitive to cold (remember that they come from Mexico), you will have to wear a sweater and put a blanket in your bag. What is beautiful?

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5 Always together Spain

In addition to carrying it in the bag on the street, you can also walk it around the house in the bathrobe ... The possibilities are endless! Out jokes, they love to be on the neck and feel wrapped, but for that very reason, be careful to get him to bed. They are smarter than you think and as soon as they taste the benefits of your viscoelastic mattress they will never want to go down.

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6 squeaky Spain

If you suffer from anxiety or get stressed easily, Chihuahuas may not be for you, since it is about one of the most barking races. Although, as with all dogs, a good education from the beginning can work miracles! Anyway, if you have chosen a Chihuahua as a life partner, we assure you that you will not get bored for a single moment.

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For your chihuahua to sleep just like a baby, you will need to have a bed as comfortable as yours (so, in addition, he will not want to usurp it).

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To forget your shoes for a while, this little pig so friendly will become your playmate.

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