A house with the charm of the south

A house with the charm of the south

This house located in the sierra marbellí it is the true reflection of the personality of its owner, the German photographer Frank Westermann. Art lover, his photographs populate the walls of his home with numerous works by colleagues and very different pieces, acquired during his travels. The exterior of the chalet exhibits Mexican and Ibizan influences, while the interior is a showcase of personality. The kitchen, the living room - visually open to the garden through large windows - and the dining room, which in turn communicates with the kitchen in a dynamic circular structure, follow one another.

On the first floor are the office and the master bedroom. The small living room is organized around a fireplace adorned with pieces of different style, which bring uniqueness to the decoration. Wood and iron share a role that translates into retro chairs and armchairs and different tables. Practical resources are not lacking, as it could not be otherwise in a house designed for enjoyment. The spaces opened and communicated with each other to ensure that the seductive light of the south reached every corner; even the sliding doors, used only to make certain rooms independent, allow the luminosity to seep through the filigree of its lattices. The furniture, sober, is compensated with a pampered selection of decorative objects.

The passion for art, evident in all rooms, also has its place in the master bedroom, where the evocative photographs of the owner joins the design of the pouf by artist Wiona Golubinsky. The absence of ornaments is essential to create a sense of calm, a premise shared by the room and the bathroom, which projects its pleasant play of light and shadow as soon as the sliding doors are opened. All decorative and architectural details are responsible for creating a select atmosphere, without artifice.

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The porch extends to the pool; there the green color of the vegetation and the cactus varieties that surround the house is mixed with the terracotta of the soil and the pots, a combination that takes us to the typical Mexican courtyards. At the edge of the pool: colored chairs, from Ciancimino. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Lilac towel, for sale in Ikea.

The hall is decorated with a lot of art

Creativity is an innate ability for the owner of this house, who has wanted the entrance to his home to be a true reflection of his art - the Scream collage is born of his genius - and his tastes. Upholstered chair with Gastón and Daniela fabric. Zebra carpet, for sale in Pantay.

The living room has an original furniture composition

Organized around the fireplace, and with disparate pieces, the amalgam of textures and styles, in which the leather sofa, the velvet armchair, several kimlim poufs and the Venetian mirror collaborate, stand out. The height of the ceiling and the exposed beams reinforce the sensation of originality that is perceived. African drum from Pantay. White blanket on the sofa, from Zara Home. The pictures of the whole house are signed by Frank Westermann.

Hall open to the hall

The hall opens from the hall, delimited by the steps that place it at a lower height. The chord sofa turns its back on the passage area and organizes the gathering area. Carpet by Ikea. Coffee table, from Teklassic Marbella. Vases, from Ikea and Zara Home. Cushions, by Gastón y Daniela and Zara Home. Lamp with iron foot, for sale in Pantay. The photographs of the Dervish series belong to the owner of the house and the bamboo sculptures are a co-production of Frank Westermann and the artist Latefa Sebti.

Work corner

One of the rooms in the house was reserved as a personal and professional office. Although Frank has his photography studio in a building attached to the house, here he collects books, a selection of his works and the objectives through which he once captured reality. Mesa, from La Europea. Carpet by Ikea. Leopard chair, by Mix & Remix.

Artistic dining room

As in a still life waiting for a patient to be captured by the photographer's objective, very different pieces coexist in the dining room. The disparity and the play of textures brings exclusivity to this environment. Chairs, from Pantay. The cow skin on the ground is from Ikea. Vases, from Zara Home. The glass bottle and bronze candlesticks are recovered. The floor lamp was purchased on a trip to Germany. The table is from Ciancimino.

The kitchen, in lilac tone

The color, discreet in the rest of the house, was used in the kitchen to dye the furniture with lilac and thus increase the contrast with the floor, covered with baked clay and pine wood. The kitchen furniture is from Kok. Red cups and fuchsia tray, from Zara Home. Stool, by Mix & Remix.

Meeting space in the kitchen

Instead of an office, the generous dimensions of the kitchen allowed to create an unconventional corner in front of the fireplace: a living room with two armchairs and a trunk. Only vertical wall works break with vintage aesthetics, which is spread to the kitchen. The feeling of spaciousness is greater due to the absence of doors.

Furniture that decorate by itself

Armchairs, from Ciancimino, with leather from Gastón y Daniela. The trunk is from the artist Mauricio Pedriglasco and the XXL candlesticks were bought in Portugal, in the Del Campo store.

A very personal bedroom

The bedroom decoration is very personal: the mirror is a custom design; the photographs are the work of Frank, the pouf is a unique design and the bed rests on a bookcase as a headboard. Natural light seeps through the window of the room and through the translucent crystals of the sliding doors that guarantee privacy in the bathroom. Table lamp and folding chair, by Pantay.

Bedroom textiles

Natural light and light tones in coverings and textiles ensure calm in the bedroom. Linen bedspread from Pantay. Blanket and cushions, from Teklassic Marbella.

Main bathroom

The shutters in white color sift natural light and preserve privacy in the area of ​​the bathtub. Flexo, towels and vase, from Zara Home. Carpet and white basket, from Ikea.


- The decoration of each room It is organized around a unique piece, intentionally located in a precise place, an artistic work that attracts attention and around which the rest of the elements revolve.
- In this project Conventionalisms and predominant design have been set aside, and it is the winks to the past that determine the environments, in a perfect blend of warmth with retro doses.