Hanging pots with bamboo sticks

Hanging pots with bamboo sticks

Advertising - Keep reading below Mini hanging pots or planters

They are perfect for decorating a wall of your porch, terrace or balcony.


- Bamboo sticks (skewers type)
- Hot silicone gun- Scissors- Spray paints - Cork sheet

Step 1

Think about the design you want to make. Cut the chopsticks with scissors according to the sketch you have made. Paste them with hot silicone drops.

Step 2

Let the entire structure dry before painting.

Step 3

Paint the structure. Apply the layers you need, allowing to dry between each one.

Step 4

Take measurements of your hanging planter, pass them to the cork plate and cut the piece. Adjust it well to the structure.

Planter finished in blue

Simple right? Once the craft is done, you just have to place the planter in a scarp on the wall. It is an idea of Blog Ambrosia, the charm of the handmade, which we liked.

In yellow

Macerta or mini planter in yellow.

And in green

Paint them in the colors you prefer. With spray paint or brush with acrylic paint or chalk.