Before and after: A floor rescued from oblivion

Before and after: A floor rescued from oblivion

Although he travels constantly and only spends four days a month in Granada, when our reader Virtues He had the opportunity to buy a house, he did not think twice and decided to look in this city that, he says, has fascinated him since he was little. "The apartment, located in a 60-year-old building in the center of Granada, I was abandoned. It was an inheritance and it had been closed for 10 years, and it had never been reformed, "he explains. So this aesthetic doctor got down to work to update the house. He started by tearing down all the partitions that they could and trace from scratch a plant that was will suit your tastes and the visits you like to invite "to enjoy the city of the Alhambra".

The 120 square meters are now distributed between the living room, three bedrooms, three bathrooms (two of them en suite) and the kitchen. For the design of this last stay, Virtues heard the requests of her partner, a Portuguese aesthetic doctor like her: "He wanted a kitchen with all the comforts, because he loves to cook. Not much for me. In the end we got to a point intermediate: a fully equipped kitchen, but that is not visually overloaded, "he confesses.

For the finishes, he chose "noble and warm materials… wood, beams and decorative panels in DM for the walls. The bathroom tiles come from Jordan and at first glance it looks like wallpaper. From the original floor we conserve the radiators, a mahogany wall of the living room that we lacquer in white and a piece of furniture with marble countertop. ”They also rescued two armchairs that combined with other furniture and accessories from stores such as Zara Home, Ikea, Area and pieces to Measure made by the Mendoza and Hi. Carpentry The aim of the reform was, in the words of Virtues, "that the design invite rest and relaxation, where there is space to save and also to enjoy." Objective accomplished.

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Our reader Virtues opted for an abandoned apartment in the center of Granada to create a 120 square meter stop where he passes a few days a month.

Good base Courtesy of Virtues

The high ceilings and exposed beams were some of the elements that made Virtues fall in love.

Back to start

The house had never been renovated. The owner knocked down all the partitions to start over.

All to the white

He opted for the target to not recharge the environments.


Many of the custom pieces were designed to make the most of the space.


View of the master bedroom, with part of the bathroom open.

Noble airs

Opposite the canopy bed, a custom closet front.


Three bedrooms were screened because Virtues loves to share their home with friends visiting the city.

Bath Guest room Stores

Almost all the furniture comes from Zara Home, Ikea and the Portuguese Area store.

The slaon before The dining room before The hall before The kitchen before The bathroom before