Manifesto for a slow decoration

Manifesto for a slow decoration

How to get a home slow? In this gallery we propose the keys, as a manifest, of this movement. To get time to stop, enjoy more of the environments, enjoy them with family and friends and feel good in them, the spaces are connected, the decoration is calm and the television does not have a leading place. It is better to read and cook.

Like ecointeriorismo, the slow design He is very careful with the environment. The choice of materials and their manufacturing process are of the utmost importance. The diaphanous, bright and low-recharged spaces and the concept "less is more" fit.

Come in, see, let time stand still and enjoy.

Advertising - Keep reading below Create reading corners

Create reading corners to be, to surrender to a book, to think ... Sit back and relax, let time pass.

Interior design, by Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo.

Bet on natural decoration

Bet on natural decoration, based on fibers and wood. In the environments they provide warmth. Through that warmth the spaces become more comfortable, they invite to be lived.

Snob Works decoration.

Open spaces

The spaces are opened, communicated, so that all family members participate in life at home. It is about creating a feeling of spaciousness and openness even on the smallest floors. Avoid unnecessary partitions and tall furniture.

The tendency for dining room, living room and kitchen or at least dining room and kitchen to share space and merge into the room fits the movement slow.

Photo by Decopraktik

White and neutral, discover them

The more neutral tones are indicated to relax. Discover the palette of whites and mix them with other neutrals such as beige, sand and gray. Always very soft. Also the pastel shades have a hollow, especially in blue and green, colors that invite calm and are related to nature.

Extra light

Everything is filled with light because light is life and luminosity visually expands spaces and invites to be. In the windows, goodbye to the curtains or at least they are dressed with very light and vaporous fabrics that do not oppose resistance to the entry of light.

Interior designer Ana Fernández.

Elements in & out

It is a trick that results and that relaxes the environments. Furniture that can be inside and outside the house. Inside, they "open" or "take out" the spaces. For example, a lamp like the one in this photo, made of fiber, evokes a beach bar and that makes the pace slow down.

Interior design, Sonia Reixach Interior Design.


Less is more. Nothing to cram the environments with elements. The righteous so that they do not overwhelm. It does not mean that the spaces are cold, we are seeing it, but that they feel spacious and spacious.

A proposal by the architect Christine Leja.

Winks to nature

To a green nature that enters the house. Here, on the dining table, the ivy is entangled in the lamp.

Yes to chill out

On the pallets, the cushions on the floor, a carpet, poufs ... Corners that are to be, to share, to relax. No hurry, with background music. No television You just have to get carried away by the spirit chill out

REMOVE Enjoy the small pleasures

The little things in life, the simplest. And always calmly. To become slow you have to feel the house slow And then life. At least certain moments, parentheses that can be done in the daily rhythm and what better than to put it into practice at home.