Can you imagine finding a house for a couple, four daughters and six pets?

Can you imagine finding a house for a couple, four daughters and six pets?

Miriam Yeleq

Sometimes, when you want to fulfill a dream with a lot of passion, it ends up being achieved. That is what happened to Paloma de L'Hotellerie, the owner of this house located in the Madrid town of La Navata. She, along with her husband and four daughters, moved from the city to the mountains because they thought it was the best for everyone.

Entry green

The two-story house has a hall with a glazed roof that floods the area with natural light. Under it, the plants grow splendid.

. Plants, from Brute Sap. Miriam Yeleq

In this image, Henar, the youngest of the family poses with her kitten Igritt.

“We brought her from Cádiz, along with her brother, from an abandoned litter,” explains the owner of the house.
A hammock hung inside, ideal to sit in any season. Miriam Yeleq

"What I like most about my house is the feeling of spaciousness and freedom when entering it," says the owner of the house. There are no barriers or restrictions, it is like a bright courtyard where we all meet and interact. ”

Air salon factory

An enclosure with aluminum profiles connects the entrance with the space that combines living room, dining room and kitchen.

Armchair by Ikea. Patterned cushions with animal motifs, Very Very Much. Miriam Yeleq
The curtain is “of scrapped or leftover Camper laces. The design is by Curro Claret and was carried out by a group of homeless people from the San Martín de Porres Foundation in Madrid. I found out about the project that gave them work and got in touch with them. ”
Miriam Yeleq

The sofa in pastel colors, the armchairs, but also the floor, on the carpet and the cushions ... Everything goes to be comfortable with the family. Family photos, posters and paintings - the eldest daughter, Patricia, has studied Fine Arts and her passion is felt in the house - decorate the room.

Zebra carpet, from Zara Home. The seats and lamps are from Ikea. Leopard print cushion, Very Very Much. The fist-shaped vases are from the Spanish firm Doiy and were purchased at R de Room. The cloth with the face painted next to the window, they bought it in Society6. Miriam Yeleq
"The living room is my favorite room," the owner tells us. We recently bought the sofa years ago to choose it! but it's perfect, very spacious and comfortable to lay on it when I can relax. ”

Al pointer, the dog, would also like to try it, but… “He already shattered one and an armchair. Now he rests in a huge bed that we have bought him and he is delighted. ”

Square pink and yellow velvet cushions, from R de Room. Miriam Yeleq

In the kitchen, the structure in sight

In part of the kitchen walls you can see the construction materials in the form of white lacquered thermo-clay bricks.

Miriam Yeleq

The atmosphere is a reflection of family life: wooden furniture with cabinets, drawers and drawers - for six people, there is so much to keep! - plants on the countertop, the windowsill and even the ceiling, and cheerful notes, such as the chair painted in yellow block

Miriam Yeleq

The kitchen has three parallel areas: the sink next to the window, the cooking zone with the industrial hood in the center and a first piece of furniture as an extra work and support surface for the dining room.

Miriam Yeleq
“I like to cook although I don't do it much due to lack of time,” says the owner of the house. His star dish? "Baked turbot with potatoes."

The dining room: Meeting point

Next to the kitchen is the dining room, with an oval table that facilitates the circulation, of an extensible envelope.

Flame-shaped vases, from R de Room. Miriam Yeleq
“We love that people come home. We usually make lunch or dinner with family and friends. We can set the table with up to 20 people! I like to enjoy long desktops. ”

Master bedroom: Room with views

On the upper floor are the five bedrooms. In the main one, the owner enjoys her two favorite moments of the day.

On the floor, fiber poufs, from Ikea. Miriam Yeleq
“One is when, after eating, I can take a nap. The other, while everyone sleeps and I go out on the terrace in summer. In winter, sometimes I go down to the glass entrance and look through a magazine before going to bed. ”

His passion for plants can also be seen in the bedroom, at the foot of the bed and around its structure.

Ikea's bed. The bedspread, blanket and cushions were purchased at Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

In such a vital house, positive messages could not be missing. The print on the fabric that decorates the wall invites you to live with passion. The owner bought it on-line in Society6.

"They are artists who make the drawing on fabrics, paintings, cushions ... Part of the purchase goes to finance them."


The bathrooms are the only rooms where instead of the slab in sight, there is a double roof. In this bathroom, integrated into the master bedroom, the wooden furniture adds warmth. The straight lines of the countertop and the chest of drawers are softened with the curved shapes of the sink and the asymmetric mirror.

Towels and bath mat, from Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

The greatest difficulty to make the house on the new plot
It was the presence of a underground cistern 7 m deep and 12 in diameter. Instead of avoiding it, it was included in the design, which gave the house personality. Part of the facade has a rounded shape following the contour of the cistern that also serves as a natural air conditioner in summer.
The philosophy of life of the owners, ecological, It is noted in the choice of construction materials: wood, linoleum floors - usually they are made with dried and ground flaxseed, mixed with sawdust or cork - gresite sheets, ecological paints ... In addition, the family uses solar energy and Its chimney is made of biomass.


Miriam Yeleq

One of them is to build with materials that do not contain heavy metals - chrome or zinc - or use oil-derived paints so that toxic elements do not emanate. Here wood predominates.

Miriam Yeleq

The echo starts at home. Did you know that the TV and other devices that we believe to turn off with the remote control continue to consume energy? They represent 10% of the electricity bill. Disconnect them by hand so that the pilot light does not work.

Miriam Yeleq

The family has organized a dining room on the porch of the house. Being a round table, it is easier to add extra seats than if it were square or rectangular. The chairs are different, and two of them fold when they are not needed, to facilitate the passage.

That piece of furniture that you love… Don't let go of him!

Miriam Yeleq

In this case it was an old sofa that the girls did not want to give up. Now, Patricia, Henar and Mar - on the rocker with Fibi, the dog that always lies next to them - enjoy it on the porch.

The decoration must adapt to the lifestyle.

Miriam Yeleq

Do you spend more time on the carpet than on the couch or in an armchair? Create a cozy corner with cushions and a side table that is low.

Original Details

Miriam Yeleq

Unconventional complements give personality to the house. Like these vases that decorate the coffee table. Leave free space around them to enhance the surprise effect and its visual impact.

Anthropomorphic and animal figures to decorate your home

The felines are majestic

Especially, as long as its design remembers that of a figure carved in ancient Egypt. Cat An, of cement. Its measures? 8 x 10 cm (€ 2.99). In Maisons du Monde.

Giraffe shaped vase

With your details glitter, will tender everyone. Vase in the form of powdery pink giraffe, with golden legs and horns. From Rice, it measures 21 x 12 x 25 cm (€ 34.50).

Hand figure

It is not very high, but if you combine it with another, you will achieve an interesting still life. Hand, in 9 cm. There is a version of 12 cm and six fingers - you have read it well, five plus one. Flying Tiger Copenhagen (from € 2).

Paper bird

The bird Parus Major is paper (€ 21.90) in Batavia

Yes, it seems that he stares at you

And we don't know if he puts a hand to his head so he sees or has somewhat different ears. It is the stone candlestick Zack, a design by Myriam Mortier for Habitat. Its measurements: 18 x 14.5 x 19 cm (€ 24.90).

House history

From the beginning, Paloma dreamed of one day acquiring the plot adjacent to his, which would allow them to expand their home and have a large garden. They liked the area, the surroundings, the neighbors, and they didn't want to move from there… The years passed, the daughters grew older and Paloma kept dreaming until the big day arrived! The plot was put up for sale and they were made with it. "It was our opportunity to have more space, a room for each daughter and a garden without having to change our lives," he recalls. But as the girls were older, the dream garden became a big house with a outer space more than acceptable. ”

They built the new house, but not any one. They were struck by the housing projects of Sistema Modulab (

Francisco Saiz, architect and creator of the company, explains what it is: "A modular house is based on the division of the building into modules or three-dimensional sections, which allow its construction in a workshop and its transport to the final location where they are assembled." Paloma and her husband José Mª loved the sustainable nature of this type of eco-efficient housing, based on a bioclimatic design that adapts to the environment in which it is located, the use of efficient energy systems where renewable energy and bio-construction prevail, or the use of recycled and recyclable low impact materials that make this home a healthy home.

As for the decoration, the owner took care of her. “I felt very free to do what I wanted. I have used ecological, natural or recycled materials whenever possible, I have manufactured or invented some furniture and I have searched for others with fun designs. It is a cozy house because of the use of these materials and because it is nothing pretentious, ”Paloma continues. Invite everyone who comes to relax and feel at ease. ” Micasa attests to it.

Realization: Pilar Perea. Assistant: Julián Calvo.